Surveillance is often used in cases as proof of fidelity, or to verify an individual of interest is at a specific location. It may also be used to follow mobile employees as proof of service.

Background checks

Looking for reliable nationwide testing for your new employees? Wondering if the person you are spending time with is who they say they are? We offer both simple and extensive background checks at reasonable prices and in a timely manner.

​Titanium Security and Investigations, LLC

Locate / Missing person 

This service is perhaps both the most heart warming and emotionally charged service provided by Titanium Security and Investigations. Looking for a long lost-loved one can be a difficult and emotional journey and we would be honored to be with you to help you with your search. 

Fraud and theft investigations

As society changes and criminals become more cunning, we must adapt and in this busy world, having time to sift through the information can be daunting. Let Titanium help you identify fraud and theft to give you piece of mind.

DNA and Unknown substance testing

DNA testing isn't just for paternity and child support. Looking for a long-lost loved one? Unsure if you might have been adopted? Looking for your biological parents? We work with only the best labs to answer these questions for you. We can also figure out what that strange stain on his/her shirt really is.

Infidelity and child custody

It can be the most difficult time for your family, but sometimes you just need to know. Our trained investigators will find out for you, provide the admissible evidence you need, and testify according to the facts. We are unbiased and have only the truth's interest at heart.

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