​Lic # C20428 

​Titanium Security and Investigations, LLC

* Conventions

* Dealerships

* Trucking Yards

* Community Patrols 

* Gate services

* Cemetery Patrols

Mandatory quarterly training

If you have worked with previous security companies, you may know that training is often a big unanswered issue with other companies. In answer to this issue, Titanium is dedicated to maintaining continuous recorded training of all officers stationed at your location as well as quarterly testing to insure every officer is up-to-date on all security procedures, laws, and general industry knowledge.

Mandatory Daily reports

No more waiting for a daily email with a second-rate report which may or may not come at who knows what time. At Titanium, we don't just provide you with a service, we also provide a product. A report is delivered directly to your personal file, which you may access anytime. With our  "No Report No Invoice" policy, you are sure to receive exactly the service and product you trusted us to provide. 

Private Security 


Protecting yourself, your business, and property is essential to your peace of mind. At Titanium Security and Investigations, LLC, we're dedicated to providing you true security and peace of mind. When you know you're safe and secure, you can rest easily. Our dedication to your protection is unmatched in this industry.  We provide both long term and short term services.

* Public Events

* Private Events

* Shopping Centers

* Parking Garage 

* Traffic Control

* Random Patrol

Commissioned Security Officers

Armed officers trained to protect your priorities. These officers have advanced training in weapons proficiency, identifying and assessing risks, and taking the safest and most effective action toward any threat while maintaining a professional and nonthreatening atmosphere combine with all the benefits of being a visual deterrent.

Covering your security needs

Non-Commissioned Security Officers

Unarmed security services are your eyes and ears when you can't be there or can't see everything at once. They are the ultimate visual deterrent for would-be criminals and their reports can provide evidence of sudden or gradual changes. Non-commissioned security officers are your best option if you want a response time faster than any alarm system. Nothing is better than an alert officer.

* Corporate Office Buildings

* Small Business

* Residential

* Construction site

* Warehouse

​* Manufacturing​​